VAT: RO32129195

EUID: ROONRC.J40/10148/2013

Company profile:

Automac Union SRL is a private Romanian limited company, founded in 12.08.2013, registered in VIES from 14.04.2015.

Registered activities:

  • Trade of industrial equipments, machinery, boats and air-plains
  • Scientific and technical professional activities
  • Special and customized design
  • Installing machinery and equipments
  • General purpose trade, import and export
  • Trade in agriculture products, food and beverage products
  • Milling and packing production. 


  • To be well known in the market.
  • To add a value to their customers by its activities.
  •  To form stable and powerful relations with all their partners.
  • To satisfy actual demands in the field of food industry.
  • To create environment friendly solutions.
  • To create and develop research programs, as an indirect matter for the national economy development.

Business fields:

Industrial equipments: 

Consulting services: 

Installation services: 

Maintenance services: 

Food products

Financial information:

Real estate:

Romania social address:
Str.George Missail, nr. 108,  Sector 1, Bucuresti 011542. Tel.:+40736467912

Romania warehouses:
Str. Agricultori, nr. 108B, Buftea, Jud. Ilfov 070000. Tel.:+40723720777

Romania office:
Str. Vintila Voda, nr. 2, Sector3, Bucuresti 030794. Tel.:+40722321734

Bulgaria office:
12B, Hristo Botev str., Stambolyiski, Plovdiv 4210. Tel.:+359876542723